Michaela Wild is a High-Performance Keynote Speaker

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„Always give 100%! No matter if it´s for 5 people or 50.000! No matter if it´s your best day or your worst.“

That´s what Michaela Wild learned very early on in her career, performing and waitressing at the same time every night in a little restaurant in Munich, Germany. Making it in the showbusiness has taught her countless lessons. Next to becoming used to hearing „NO“ and not allowing „you will never make it!“ to stop her, she learned to look fear in the eye, and overcame her own feelings of not being good enough to finally fight her way to her dreams.

Never give up. One step at a time. Get back on your feet.That´s how she became that strong and powerful woman that she is today. A woman that is not afraid to talk about where she screwed up. A woman that today successfully teaches and inspires others on their way to success. Inspiration, courage and the knowledge that it´s also possible for them is what her listeners take home.

Enthusiasm, passion, fun, selfconfidence and inner strenght is what you will learn in everything you do with Michaela Wild.

Michaela Wild ist auf der Bühne ein Funken sprühendes Feuerwerk an Energie und Emotionen, das jeden Zuhörer sofort ansteckt und mitreißt.

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